What's New with Rosalie Hunt?

Her new book is out...our legacy matters

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The Extraordinary Story of Ann Hasseltine Judson: A Life Beyond Boundaries traces, in narrative form, the life of Ann from childhood through her untimely death.  The unfathomable depth of faith and commitment of this trailblazing missionary are matched only by the incredible drama of what happened in the last years of her life. She saved her husband’s life during the war years in Burma, not one, but three times, carving her legacy permanently into the history of her time.  Her remarkable life remains a profound influence into this new millennium.  Her husband Adoniram used one word to describe her in an 1846 letter: Incomparable.

Current Project

Rosalie is currently at work researching the life and ministry of Fannie E. S. Heck, the long-time president of the national Woman's Missionary Union and a key figure in its earliest years as an organization.  From Raleigh, North Carolina, Heck was the second president of the organization and served as president longer than anyone in its history, a total of fifteen years.  She authored the first history of the WMU, wrote its theme hymn, funded and edited its first magazine, and introduced a plan for "personal service," (now known as mission action), which is foundational to the service and ministry of countless Baptist women.  North Carolina WMU asked Hunt to update the story of Fannie Heck for a new generation of women.