What's New with Rosalie Hunt?

Her newest book is out...our legacy matters

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No single woman in the history of WMU has made as many lasting contributions to the very foundation of that organization as has the inimitable Fannie Exile Heck.  She was born in “exile” during the Civil War, but survived to carve out a way for women to go into all the world through prayer and service.  By the very force of her magnetic personality, Fannie helped shape WMU into the largest missions organization for women in the world, alive and thriving in many countries.

More than one hundred years after she death, Fannie Heck’s insights are as fresh as this morning’s news.  Out of Exile: Fannie Heck and the Rest of the Story relate the little-known details of the real Fannie, of the beautiful little girl, of life in the Heck home, and of her inner heart and thinking.   What formed and shaped the woman who in turn molded and shaped Woman’s Missionary Union?  Out of Exile opens new vistas into the heart and life of that remarkable pioneer.  Famous for her pithy quotes, Fannie remains the single most-quoted woman in WMU’s 131-year history.  She kept before Baptist women the maxim: “We will find a way.”