Bless God and Take Courage book cover

Since the publication of the Adoniram Judson biography To the Golden Shore in the 1950s, much more has been learned about his life and legacy.  Rosalie Hall Hunt provides an intriguing trail of never-before-published discoveries about America's first overseas missionaries.  She recounts events from the calling in America through the years in the field and the lasting legacy of four extraordinary people--Adoniram, Ann, Sarah, and Emily Judson--who made Burma their home and spent their lives on behalf of the gospel.

Writing in a style worthy of a Victorian novel, Hunt carries her readers first through the dramatic life, imprisonment, and death of Judson, sharing i-depth accounts of the three loves of his life--three women whose strengths and gifts were indispensable to the Burmese mission. She goes on to celebrate the lasting impact on the people and places touched by these spectacular lives. 

Part one details the birth of American missions and the dramatic journeys, perils, and victories associated with the Burmese mission.  It features excerpts from newly unearthed correspondence between Judson and his third wife, author Emily Chubbock Judson, whose own engaging and artful writing reveals new facets of Judson's character and personality.

Part two follows the Judson legacy in the lives of Judson's children and grandchildren and as it continues in the faith community of modern-day Myanmar and in contemporary Baptist missions.  Included are recollections of descendants of the first Burmese Christians, who risked their lives in order to share the faith and mission that the Judsons brought to their shores.

Includes photographs of artifacts, sites, and people associated with the Judson story.       0-8170-1479-9

"The manuscript brought me surprise after surprise, each giving me insight into the life of a man I thought I knew.  I recommend you experience the exhilaration I am feeling as I write."  ~Alma Hunt, Executive Director Emeritus, Woman's Missionary Union, Southern Baptist Convention

"As one of the last living descendants of Adoniram Judson, I am delighted that Rosalie Hunt has brought his legacy up to date."  ~Dr. Santley S. Hanna

"If you do not read this latest contribution by Rosalie Hall Hunt, your education about what God accomplished through all the Judsons (Adoniram, Ann, Sarah, and Emily) is not complete." ~Rev. Stanley A. Murray, Area Director for SE Asia/Japan International Ministries, American Baptist Churches USA